Paideia Homeschool Association

Paideia Homeschool Association is a Christian homeschool group in the DFW area.  We offer support to other Christian homeschool families in the area.

We offer field trips, socials, planning nights, workshops, co-ops in Science and Spanish, family get togethers, playdates, and other group learning opportunities.

Paideia was established in 2010. Our members are required to buy a Paideia T-shirt in the begining of the year in lieu of a membership fee.  We also ask that each member sign a statement of faith proclaiming that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and that you believe He is the only way to heaven.

Although we do not judge what others believe we choose to believe in Jesus.  We have chosen the path of homeschooling to better instill Christian values in our children’s lives and for this reason we also choose to be an exclusive Christian group. We accept all denomiations from the Christian faith to include: Evangelicals, Catholics, and all other Protestant denominations.

Please leave a comment with your contact information if you are interested in joining.