Fun-day Fridays

Here at our school we believe in fun-day Fridays. I hope I don’t mess up my kids too much by playing on Friday. But I am sure they’ll have plenty of time to… Continue reading

Words that pay: what’s in your wallet?

I decided that just correcting my kids every time there was a heart issue wasn’t solving any issues.  I can’t get to their heart just my mere talking. Although reminding them of God’s… Continue reading

Summer School

The summer is long and too hot to go outside so we do school, sporadically. And here is what we did the other day. Practice our rhyming. Rhyming is a building block for… Continue reading

A year of vacations: part 2

This year we went to visit family for Christmas, kinda. Chuck had some work thing in town and we decided to stay with my sweet in-laws. I also love going back “home” sometimes… Continue reading

My 5 Star Family

I am reading Five-Star Families, by Carol Kuykendall during quiet time. She encourages moms to come up with a list of dreams and goals they have for their family to move it from… Continue reading

A year of vacations: part 1

I love summer.  The word denotes: travel.  Although we don’t always take leave and go somewhere it’s fabulous when we do. I love to travel. I love getting to see God’s glory in his… Continue reading

Project Nursery: In Progress

The arrival of my sweet #3…ahh…what a sweet thing…a whirlwind, really…but sweet! Nurseries are my thing. I love decorating them, being in them, cleaning them, smelling them, everything but sleeping in them…well I… Continue reading

Joe’s Eggplant Parmesan

My neighbor Joe is Italian, as in 1st generation American, Italian. Like, his mom still only cooks Italian, Italian, like, he makes really good Italian food, Italian. So, he has made us pizza… Continue reading

Last Year In Our Home School

I am what I call eclectic. So you’re asking why the name of the blog to say “Living Classical” as to imply classical education. We’ll because I consider myself eclectic but with a… Continue reading

Welcome to my blog, my life, my little world

Welcome to my blog. I am glad you stopped by. This blog is mostly about our homeschool happenings, our day to day learning and life as we live it. I also have other… Continue reading