Home Tour: The Schoolroom/ Playroom

I prayed long and hard about a schoolroom. A room in our new home where I could teach my children, play with my children, cuddle with them and build memories with them. I… Continue reading

Centers: There is a time for unstructured play and a time for structure!!

Centers are physical places in a room set up to allow your child/student to practice what he has learned.  If space doesn’t allow for physical centers, centers can be in boxes or containers… Continue reading

Why Classical?

What is classical education anyway? There is no simple answer. I believe this style provides a complete education. And you ask then why do you consider yourself eclectic. Because I do not use… Continue reading

The Ground On Which We Stand

As I mentioned I have a passion for classical books. And when I read The Maryland Toleration Act  April, 1649 I ponder these thoughts: Within their worn pages I find it so bold… Continue reading

DIY: Floor Pillows

I made these a couple of weeks ago as part of my homeschool planning time. I wanted floor pillows for our  floor time and story time.  I make the kids sit while we… Continue reading

While the kids were at camp…

I am in planning mode!! I love this time of year. I love planning and preparing for school. As a homeschool mom I have the opposite problem that most working moms do or… Continue reading

Homeschoolers just wanna have fun

This is the post where you learn that not always is my homeschool world seemless. This is also to prove that some homeschoolers just wanna have fun. On days when I really need… Continue reading

My Home: My Style

I love the smell of earth mixed with sweet vanilla, the feel of soft linens and the fading luster of silver, the look of wicker and canvas together. The stacking of old against… Continue reading

Home Tour: Welcome

C’mon In! Be my guest. I wish we could get to know each other over tea or coffee (my preferred) but  this will have to do. Welcome to my home, come in and… Continue reading

Homeschool Shopping Day

Score! Here’s what I bought so far for our upcoming school adventure. Mardels was having a sale and I some awesome resources for our little school. I am using this in our math… Continue reading