Anybody Know A Good Brain Surgeon? Or Two?

I do!! This week we examined the brain. We are tying this to creation and how we are made in God’s image. We talked about how magnificent the brain was made and how… Continue reading

5 Senses Party

“God created man in His own image.” Genesis 1:27 Since finishing creation week we sprung to the human body for Science. We started with the brain. The children colored the brain from this… Continue reading

Home Tour: Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen- the center of my universe! Everything you see is orignal to the house. We’ve done nothing! We haven’t painted or changed anything. Can you notice the painting going on… Continue reading

How to Teach a Stubborn Child How to Read

Patience. Deep breath. Repitition. Pa…tience. Seriously though, if I had to list the order of events in the process of teaching a child to read this is how it would look. 1. Develop… Continue reading

Week 2 Wrap-Up

This week we were still working on creation. Pea contracted a viral infection and was out for several days. But we still did some pretty fun stuff. As you know, I started out… Continue reading

A Family Who Laughs Together Stays Together

Happy Friday!!    

A lesson from Ma from the Little House

Today I felt exasperated, worn out, time was running me over, I couldn’t catch up with my chores. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of Mess. So I recalled a… Continue reading

Pursuing Your Spouse for Christ: A Higher Calling

If you read my testimony page you’ll discover that Chuck and I are a reconciled couple, as in, we were once married to each other, we divorced and now we are remarried, God’s… Continue reading

No First-Day Jitters, We’re Homeschooling

I was contemplating starting school once I had all my supplies and books in and I was on the edge of starting in September, the first Tuesday to be exact. I’d have time… Continue reading

Home Tour: The Grand Suite

Welcome to our little country suite where the view is enchanting with endless prairies and rollings hills. Where you will be sure to capture the glance of a doe wondering the parcel. The… Continue reading