Livingclassical is a blog about a gal’s ramblings on classical homeschool education (eclectic style), marriage, homemaking, on-going and never-ending diy projects, inspirational devotionals as the Lord guides me to share and in a nut-shell part of my life (virtual style).

This gal is 30-something (that sounds so…so…old) but I still feel 19 if that counts. I married my main man twice (read our testimony). We’ll call him Chuck, he’s our science guy, he’s my rock, my protector, the voice of Truth in my life, my stud, the Commander-in-Chief of this house, handyman, and my best friend. He drives me crazy but I’d hate it any other way. I am a free-spirit, happy-go-lucky type (so they say), a little scattered brained (since kids, yeah we’ll blame the kids), and very adaptable to change, Handsome, not so much any of these things. LOVES routine, military type (he was Army and will not get over it), VERY practical but he does love me and he says I make him laugh.

We have 3 beautiful children, Pea (5), Pistol (31/2) dubbed that by his pediatrician, and M&M (6 months), and of course two spastic labs, Luna and Chico.

My homeschool education is a bit of a twist on traditional classical education as it includes elements of Charlotte Mason’s beliefs and Montessori-inspired activities.  I believe, and research shows that not all children learn the same way. I like to expose my children to a variety of activities to apply a skill or concept I have just presented them with.

My two oldest children (the 3rd is only months old) have very different learning styles. My daughter is a visual and tactile learner while my son is an audio and kinesthetic learner.  So needless to say my school must be varied. Traditional classical education does not provide for such styles.  So my classroom has an electic mix of other learning theories but the main tone is classical.

This blog also serves as a journal for my homeschooled children to reflect upon later in life-for prosperity.  It is a support tool for other mothers who are on this journey as well or for anyone who has a love for education and anything homemaking.

I hope that my blog offers some support to you on your homeschool journey.  I am doing school alongside you and I pray that God gives you the strength you need each day to continue.  Your children are blessed because of you!