Building Blocks For Math

We’re back in the spin of things. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great vacation and am happy to get back into the swing of things.

I decided to show a few math foundations for preschoolers that we’ve been working on this week.

The most basic math building block is patterns.

2012-12-31 12.38.51

{Without worksheets} Instead, my beloved trays.

2012-12-31 12.39.43

I explain this by telling my son that each block has to take turns but some blocks can be married hence the black ones. He chose this pattern.

2012-12-31 12.41.28


2012-12-31 12.45.22

Beads in two colors {or more}.

Skills: Fine motor, problem solving by creating patterns with 2 colors.

Another foundation is building is model making.

2013-01-03 10.40.51

I bought these cookies at Target a couple of years ago. Each cookie has 5 pieces perfect for counting by 5s. We use them for making patterns, building models, counting, adding, and tea parties;)

2013-01-03 10.35.35

The prototype.

2013-01-03 10.38.27

The model.

Pistol is 4 and this is a challenging concept. He kept putting the cookies on the card and on the sides, not making the match. I had to explain and walk him through this several times. It’s a good sign he’s being challenged. I have to remember that when I am blue in the face from explaining that the cookies do not go ON the card.

Hope this inspires you to get started on math. Whoever said math was hard didn’t play with cookies!