Christmas Here, Christmas There, Christmas Everywhere

‘Tis the season friends, for decorating, baking, homemaking for the holidays, and teaching our youngins the reason for the season.

It’s been tough getting out of school mode here to enjoy the beautiful time of year because around these parts we’re still hitting the high 70’s.

Here’s my touch of cheer in preparation to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as the 25th rolls around.


The chalk board above was art work purchased for $2.00 at Goodwill and later painted with chalk board paint.

The inspiration came from the popular pallet signs from Pinterest.

As you can notice Mary, Joseph and the shepard boy are awaiting Jesus’ arrival. We will bring him to Mary on Christmas day.



Stems are from Hobby Lobby stuck into two strands of garland bundled together.

I love to display the photo cards that friends and family send us for all to see. I attach them to the garland with clothespins.



Cheap and easy, balls in a glass hurricane. After Thanksgiving I lose all my creative juices, so this year was quick thinking with no hassle decorating.


I sprinkle the rest of the house with the similar touch.


I had picks from last year just hanging out with no purpose this year. So I filled a rustic bowl with green peas and stuck all the picks in.

It adds sparkle to the rustic.


The dining room got a simple makeover.

This is our showcase room for the tree since you can see it through the front window. Not very practical for Christmas day, I know but our living room is too small for it and if you know me then you know the other livingroom is really a “classroom”.


I’ve separated the manger scene until Christmas day. So the wise men are still traveling from afar, following the bright shining star.  Until Christ’s special day the manger sits waiting for its most famous visitor and we also eagerly wair for our Savior’s advent.

How are you celebrating Advent?

Got inpiration?

I got a friend over at the homemakerspost whose got a pretty thrify twist to our precious holiday celebration.