Seasons Change

“But you remain the same, and your years will never end.”

Psalm 102:27

As Fall sweeps by with its endearing colors and soft sun-kissed breeze we are reminded that change is inevitable and yet bitter as we are also reminded that winter is around the corner. We can not hold this time with a tightly closed fist for it won’t be long when it leaves us wondering where all those leaves have gone and how it’s possible to grow new ones just as lush as the last ones- how can time dribble by and yet we can not contain it for even a moment. It’s simplicity beckons and yet all at the same time- time calls us away, presses up against us, demands us, pulls our very limbs as if to pull even our face away when our will won’t budge and slowly it wins the battle-the noise has won- we are pulled from its beauty to only be pushed and pulled into the  hectic things, things that fade, things that take our embrace away. The soft sounds of autumn want to whisper but bondage won’t let us listen. We gaze for a moment and with a quick thrust of time’s chains we hastily engage into the tragic distractions of today.

I am not much different from many people, I love Fall. It’s one of my favorite times of year. Mostly because of the cool air and the holidays that surround the season.

Today I choose to enjoy this time with my children and I encourage you to do the same.

Today’s lesson, of course was about change.

The assignment was for the children to search for 5 things in nature that have changed or are in the process of changing.

This is what we found:

We found a tree in the process of changing color. Some leaves were red and some were brown and some were still green.

We found two identical trees.

The first still undergoing change

the second already lost all of its leaves.

We collected our specimen on a tray.

Yes, I do love these little trays:)

We collected leaves and grass from the same tree and area;

one that was still green and the other that was dead.

Some were in the process of change.

They had to journal their observation of the plants that were in the process of change and make a conclusion about their observation.

We handmade our journals out of manilla paper.

They observed the colors of the leaves.

They observed life and death of the plants.

They concluded that everything in nature goes through change.

In Fall, leaves change color which is a sign of winters coming.

 They enjoyed this project and especially writing in their science and nature journal.

Our bible lesson was this: even though everything around us changes (seasons, people, places, history, events, feelings, etc.) and even though we may change God never does.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We can rest in his unwavering love for us, His just ways, His mercy, His calm, and His purpose for His people.