The Systematic Reader

There are many camps when it comes to teaching a child to read, two that I know of are systematic instruction and non-systematic instruction.

Here is a systematic approach for teaching a child to read:

1. Read novels and hard to read texts to your child. Our reading list this year contains Farmer Boy, Peter Pan, Little Women, and Treasure Island.

Read easy books, on-level books that teach the children “age-appropriate” vocabulary.

2. Phonemic Awareness: letter recognition and sound (pre-reading), rhyming, story repetition

3. Phonics: word families, blending or “chunking” sounds e.g.{ a-t=at}  {c-at=cat}, syllables (learning how to clap to a word)

Mo-mmy has 2 syllables,

4. Whole language: Dolch or sight-word memorization

5. Sentence writing: Sentence of the day, scrambled up sentences. Children learn by doing and reading. Many resources leave out this essential step.

There are many ways to teach reading but this is the way we are doing it and Pea is reading! As the weeks go on she is more eager, learning more words, reading more text.

These are some of the decodables I use. Each book contains small readers. I bought the one on the left at Half Price Books, the other I attained from a school-teacher friend. Both work great.

I place them on a tray in our reading corner and I assign her one book a week to read out loud to a family member.

She earns a gold coin she can redeem at my mommy store when she has 10 or more.

More on this later.

These are all the ones she has read so far.

She is now attempting to read Danny the Dinosaur.

I also use words from her word wall (words she memorizes and blends) to make sentences out of them.

I cut them and she has to unscramble them.

Although not everyone believes in a systematic-approach to teach reading I have read the research and it suits our styles of learning and teaching.

Here is another post I wrote about reading and “tools” to give your child in their journey.

Another great site (if you haven’t already been there) is 1+1+1=1, she is a former kindergarten teacher and gives her expertise on reading instruction.

I also recommend The Core, by LeighA. Bortins for all of you are going the classical approach.

Hope this inspired you and gave you hope for your little reader.