Life Skills: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I often wonder how in the world will my boy learn how to live on his own when he’s 18?

{Yes we are aiming for 18}

I gasp at the thought at the daunting task ahead: potty training, putting on his own clothes {barely},brushing his own teeth, cleaning up after himself, getting a job, going to college {staying in college}, staying out of prison…ok I am going too far, I see, but he is my second and as many of you know they are different, the seconds that is. They are more dependent, less apt to care about your approval as much as the first-born anyway.

This is the plan to teach my littles life-skills:

holding a fork and knife properly, cutting food at tea time,

and eating with manners.

I  accomplish the goal also by using Montessori-inspired activities such as pouring.

2 cups of tea, a medicine cup, baby food jar and a sponge to clean up the mess.

He got most of it on the tray and he drank most of the rest.

He needed a Sham-Wow by the time he was done.

I love this boy!

I can’t wait for the day for both of these cuties to invite me to tea. Until then I am enjoying their company at my house.