10 Commitments To A Better Marriage: My Homebuilding Musts

I am linking up with the Unveiled Wife this week to declare my commitments to my marriage.

She’s given a great list of her own. Be sure to check her out.

This list was compiled through the years after many bible studies, after many conversations with Chuck and time with the Lord. I am sure that this list will be revised many times over as our seasons in marriage change.

I filed this under homemaking because as the wise old Proverb says,

“A wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

So here’s my attempt at building my house:

1. Quiet time with the Ultimate Match Maker

Only through time with The Savior can I have enough overflow to reach my stronger half

2. Prayer for his needs

{He’s asked me many times to pray for him and I am ashamed to say that I don’t do this enough}

3. Shared Activity {His}

Watching football


Outdoorsy stuff

4.Taking care of my body {cause he’s into it;}…enough said

5.Becoming one flesh;)

6.Respect {by following the outline from Love and Respect}

7. To meet his needs in service

(based on the book: 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman)

(he likes a good home-cooked meal and clean laundry…what a simple man:)

8. Weekly date nights

(ok, this one is for me but I know he enjoys them as much as I do and we get to {re}connect without the chaos of life)

9. Support {no whining or complaining about him having to mow the grass {the plantation} etc.}

Money management, , stewardship of our homestead

10. Appreciation

Be willing to see my “apple tree amongst the trees in the forest”

What are some ways you commit to your spouse?