The 1800’s: Blood, Beauty and Art

I favor classical education primarily because of its dependence on the time-line and the connections and interdependence all subjects have upon one another.

I thought I’d share something we did over the summer.

We began our year, last year, with our beloved Laura from Little House in the Big Woods. All year we talked about the pioneer days.

We discussed the beauty of new life, hard work and good morals. We also talked about the beauty of the fabric of our nation that was woven so tight during these times.

 We also discussed  artists from the period, one of our favorite, Georgia O’Keeffe.

So in keeping with our style we connected history, literature and art.

Here’s what it looked like,

Pea’s interpretation of one of an O’Keeffe’s piece.

Although I don’t have pictures to prove it-after after we studied O’Keeffe and many of her pieces I tested Pea’s knowledge. We took a trip to one of our local art museums. They had O’Keeffe’s work spread through out the museum, Pea had to point them out as we walked along. She missed 2 out of 6. Impressive I would say!!

The blood!

How could we forget the cowboys and Indians.

{I do realize there are soldiers in this bunch but I took them out for our reenactment}

This is also how you get a 3-year-old boy involved without all the prissy stuff from the Little House series.

We hunted for things to make our battle ground environment.

We needed dirt, rocks, and sticks.

Got dirt!

Got rocks and sticks!

Setting up the war zone!

The battle began.

The Indians were going down fast!

Then suddenly…the Cowboys began retreating!

Spare the animals!!!!!

The Indians won that time, it was a close call but next time they might not be so lucky!

And of course we also fit in a field trip to our local pioneer village museum.

The children got to see what life would’ve been like at a real school during Laura’s days.

Although life was much more difficult in those days it also appears from this lens, at least, that it was also much simpler.

Ah! If only life could stop but for a moment, exhale, and go back in time.

What ideas have you used to teach early American history to your children.