Anybody Know A Good Brain Surgeon? Or Two?

I do!!

This week we examined the brain.

We are tying this to creation and how we are made in God’s image. We talked about how magnificent the brain was made and how miraculous and orderly its functions are.

{Our} perquisites:

1.Introduction to the brain as an organ

2. 5 Senses as functions of the brain


Cauliflower head(s) cut in half,

2 plastic knifes

food coloring

surgical mask (for the effect)

gloves (trust me)

and a painting shirt (something they can get down and dirty with)

So in order to practice a little hands on we did some dissecting…

Our science guy led the experiment.

We taught the 4 lobes and some of its functions (as much as they were interested in any way).

We highlighted the lobes with food coloring.

The children got to examine the texture before food coloring, describing its feel.

We tied the smells and feel to the 5 senses as functions and responsibilities of the brain.

And dissection begins. Scary…this one’s for all you Halloween lovers!

Each child was given a plastic knife scalpo.

Great for fine-motor.

TIP: Don’t let your child dissect without proper clothing. Since Pea wants to live in “Princess” clothes she had on this nice number and I was so excited to get going that I didn’t make them change. I should’ve had chuck lend them his scrubs. HELL-OO!

The preschooler interest might just be the food coloring and touchy feel of this wonderful experiment. That’s ok, he’ll catch on to daddy’s dream of being a brain surgeon some day, uh!

I think we got ourselves one brainy brain surgeon!

And she just kept cutting and cutting and cutting. Scar–yyy!

Again, things I would’ve done different:

proper clothing and a floor covering of some sort, the cauli went flying and she wouldn’t stop cutting. Catch the drift?!