5 Senses Party

“God created man in His own image.”

Genesis 1:27

Since finishing creation week we sprung to the human body for Science. We started with the brain. The children colored the brain from this book:

by Teacher Created Resources

I thought it would be fun to hang out here for a while and discuss all the wonderful things the brain does. So we landed at the 5 senses.

We checked out books on all 5 senses from the library and had a 5 senses party.

I set up 5 stations around the house of the 5 senses. Touch and smell were placed in brown bags.

In the smell bag was: laundry fabric sheet, poopie diaper {yes, you read right}, coffee, {burnt} popcorn…oops!

They actually thought M’s poopie smelled like popcorn. They had to circle if they thought it smelled good or bad and they both agreed it smelled good. PHEWW! Weirdos! But we got a good laugh out of that one.

Touch station: cooked and cooled spaghetti, corn kernels (not cooked), cotton balls, sand paper

They had data sheets:

Our Kindergarten data sheet:

I did mine hand-made but here is a sheet you can use:

Kindergarten Data Sheet for 5 senses

I have some pickies in my familia so I got creative with our tasting. I blind-folded and hyped them up about our “party.”  I placed pear, lemon juice, banana and honey (I left out the bitter this time around, I need to win their trust, ya know what I mean;)

Pea has never had pear or honey or banana. Serious this kid is PIK-EEEEEE!!! She loved the pear, loved the honey, wouldn’t touch the banana;(

We mixed the pear with the lemon…DI-LISH!!!

Our hearing station consisted of the laptop with headphones. We’ve been ear-training stringed instruments. We’ve learned the sound of the violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp. We closed our eyes and just listened and they had to distinguish between the instruments. They did great!!! Believe it or not my boy guessed them all right! He’s definitely an audio learner….weird huh!

Here is the site I use to ear-train.

We then danced to the beat…

that’s Pea about to fall. We got a little excited!

Hope this inspires you to have a 5 senses party.

What ideas do you have for teaching the 5 senses?

Leave me your blog post and I’ll check it out!