Week 2 Wrap-Up

This week we were still working on creation. Pea contracted a viral infection and was out for several days. But we still did some pretty fun stuff.

As you know, I started out our journey with creation as a spring-board for all other subjects. Since we are working on a timeline it makes sense to start when time started.

So here is what our learning looked like in week 2:

Bible/History: Creation days 5&6 (the pictures below are from week 1 but we did the same thing, construction paper art and crafted what God has created that particular day)

Each day we covered the verse for that particular day of creation. I use Mystery of History (love, btw!) and this is the time they start with also. I did deviate on the projects that were suggested in the book, again just a personality thing.

Art: We made a creation packet:

Day 3: God made land, trees and plants

We did a different sheet each day of creation to illustrate how the earth changed as God added to it.

My computer lost, deleted, erased (who knows) my pictures from the week so I can’t include the rest of the craft pictures but I’ll show you the complete packet when I laminate and bind it.

Day 4: Sun, moon and stars

I wanted them to see how the earth looks from the spatial point of view.

We checked out lots of books from the library on space, the sun, moon, and stars.

I asked them to use them as a reference on how to paste their planet and created objects.

They pasted stars every where after this and I should’ve taken a picture of it! I was a little busy, cutting, and pasting and helping little fumbly hands with the glue, answering questions, and picking up teeny, tiny little pieces of paper from the floor.

Phonics: Pea worked on Explode the code and word families that have the short i in the middle.

Nonsense words count too!


Writing: She wrote out the scripture of the day. Normally we have a scripture per week but during Creation Week (as I call it) she is busy writing out the short form of the scripture for her packet. And usually I have them memorize the scripture but because the story of creation has complicated terms and long verses I just made her right the factual statement of the verse.

She also made a self-portrait (suggested in Mystery of History) and she wrote a few things about herself and titled it: Me.

Math: We use Math U See. I am extremely picky and rebellious when it comes to curriculum. I’d rather do all the work myself of hunting and gathering resources than getting overwhelmed with having to choose one curriculum (sounds counterproductive but it’s how I roll!). All that to say that I am pleased with MUS. Pea and Pistol love it. They actually like the teacher. They sometimes just want to watch him for fun. Maybe they feel deprived of T.V., I don’t know, but I hear a lot of children like him.

I didn’t buy the mat that goes with it. But I came up with my own spin on Decimal Street.

We made houses for each place value out of paper bags…

Houses for Math U See

I wrote the address out on the right hand side to indicate the place of that place value.

I go beyond the workbook and write down a number and Pea has to place the tens blocks into the ten’s house and the units into the one’s house.

Pistol will be using MUS also but for now I want to for him to build other skills first.

This week we worked on building models, copying them exactly and the importance of models. (This was shown in week 1 but we covered it again in week 2 for reinforcement, sorry no new pictures)

Science: Animal Classification (followed after the lesson on Day 6 of creation)

I am doing my own thing for now. I use creation as the backdrop and spring-board for all my  ideas. I will be using Apologia next year. For now, if I don’t come to a dead-end, I’ll let the Lord guide me in this area. We’ll see how it turns out. My goal is to have a science experiment a week. We’ll see how that turns out, those are pretty high expectations for a gal who hated all things science in high school and beyond (and somehow managed to marry a man who loves Science). Perhaps I’ll develop a love for the subject, especially now that I am well aware of the Creator mind behind all things science!

We learned the categories for classifying animals scientifically: 1. Mammals (and no, WE ARE NOT MAMMALS!!! WE ARE HUMANS, UNLIKE ANIMALS!) I don’t care what evolutionist say or how they classify themselves. I caught myself about to tell the kids that we are mammals (remember hearing that over and over in science, if you were public schooled?) After studying creation with my children my heart opened up, eyes opened. Not that I ever believed that humans evolved from apes but the classification itself I did believe, the scientific term. I believed that I was a “mammal”. I hadn’t thought that through but if I was willing to believe I was a mammal than I’d also have to accept that I belonged to the animal kingdom and not created in the image of God when the Word of God cleary and literally tells me that I am created in the image of God. God seemed to think that Adam was intelligent enough to have him name them all and not the other way around.  I may breast feed like some but that does not make me a mammal. The old myth, that dirty lie is dead in my house!!!

Enough on that soapbox! Whew! Again,

1. Mammals 2.Reptiles 3. Fish 4. Birds 5. Amphibians. So we classified them according their unique characteristics.

First, I taught the lesson, explained each category then we tested our knowledge. (I do not have pictures of this, sorry)

We took out our animal collection (we bought most of them at Target’s $ bin or at garage sales)

We made piles and the kids got most of them right. It challenged them to think back on what they learned and continued with happy hearts!

I found a game online (www.shepardsoftware.com), I can’t recommend or endorse this site for it’s science games because it also implies that we are mammals. Although I didn’t use this site to teach we did play the game to match characteristics of each category into the proper classification. She really liked the game. I like this site however, for other subjects like math.

When dad got home they were able to recall all the classifications and answer some questions.

Our last activity for the day, Literature. We sit for high tea at our special-occasion dinning room table. The kids drink a cup a milk have a sweet, usually a cookie and some fruit. We do this at 1:30pm, right before nap and after lunch.

High tea with a story

We are reading Farmer Boy. Love this book! If you are studying the Pioneer period in American History, add this to your library. I read Little House in the Big Woods last year to Pea as a time for her and I to connect while Pistol was napping. Now that he’s old enough to join the fun I wanted a book with a boy as the main character. This one is perfect. Almanzo is quite the little man with a personality sure to relate to any young boy. Almanzo is 9 years old in the book but his curiosity, love of animals, and his fun adventures relate to any age.  He is also a great example of good character and his family were Christian.

Tea time is also a time when we learn table manners and etiquette. Rules of the table and tea time are:

1. We sit quietly and wait until we are served our treat

2.We do not gobble our treat, we savor it.

3. We sip, not slurp or gulp

4. We do not interrupt the story, wait until your are called upon to speak

5. We must draw pictures in our mind of what the story is saying (be ready to share when mommy calls on you)

6. Lastly, we wipe our mouths and help clean up

And usually I have eager helpers. This is such a privilege that they look forward to it. Looking back, I can say that this time has helped mature them and set some standards as how to act at dinner. They still act like typical kids, and goof off and act silly don’t get me wrong, but when I pull out that book and set the table, I feel like I am reading to two very intelligent and eager little pupils. They respect reading and our time as a family doing it.

The love of reading, novels especially has bonded us closer than ever. Its our special time together!  We can tie bible stories we’ve read or characters therein to the novel’s characters or morals.

Oh and daddy sometimes takes part in tea time too (when we do it the evening after dinner) but he doesn’t always abide by all the rules. Hehehe , oh daddy!!