A lesson from Ma from the Little House

Today I felt exasperated, worn out, time was running me over, I couldn’t catch up with my chores. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of Mess.

So I recalled a little snippet into the life of one of my favorite mothers, Mrs. Ingalls.

Before I had Pea I had a handle on all the chores, my two children, schooling, meal times, schedules,chores, etc. But when this tiniest of babies came to me, out of me, which ever way you prefer to see that. I was a little thrown off my rocker. Not in a bad way, in a really-really good way. But nonetheless off the rocker.

So today in the hustle and mental chaos of having to clean the kitchen, take care of a sick child, feed a baby every 4 hours, tend to my very super, super-active superhero, and of course do as much or little school as a sick kid would do (it’s the 2nd week of kindergarten I am a little excited ok!) along with getting all the other chores done that had slipped by for the week and did I mention the kitchen, I decided to open that precious book I read to my teenies last year, Little House In The Big Woods.

I read Ma’s schedule of chores in chapter 2:

“Wash on Monday,

Iron on Tuesday,

Mend on Wednesday,

Churn on Thursday,

Clean on Friday,

Bake on Saturday,

Rest on Sunday”

“Huh, is that how she gets it all done?” I thought. Revelation!! So I decided then that I would change the way I did things around here. No more trying to get it all done in one day, no more stressing about having dirty bathrooms…ALL THE TIME, no more stressing over when to iron…who does that anymore anyway!!!

I made myself a little schedule too:

chores on my hutch, I can see them every morning. I had gotten off my schedule but never again. This is my sanity. Tomorrow will be a new day!!

And yes sewing buttons counts as mending (I know you were wondering)!