No First-Day Jitters, We’re Homeschooling

I was contemplating starting school once I had all my supplies and books in and I was on the edge of starting in September, the first Tuesday to be exact. I’d have time to redo my room, get things organized, mentally and physically. But everyday since May I’ve woken up to 2 little voices (4 if you count the ones in my head) asking, “Let’s do school mommy,” although the one in my head is not as pushy as the children but still whinny like,” Just do it, what are you waiting for?” Then the 4th voice comes in and says, ” I am still on vacation, this week I am Tahiti and I am not coming back until September.” Then the more rational, the nicer one to the children says, “It’s not going to be any easier and the children will only keep asking and the mess in the playroom will only bigger and bigger, you might as well give them something to do.” I’ve never been much of a Nike girl (you know, Just Do It!), in fact I grew in a town whose nickname, culturally, is the “Tomorrow” town because lazily people gets things done later (which doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow) but I manage to be different so,  “Ugh, fine,” I reply to my inner logic and rational self.  “I am on a plane tomorrow morning.” And tomorrow it was!

So this is how I arrived at starting school on August 13th, 2012, by arguing with my inner voices and letting the bossy one win.

I had my parents keep the kids overnight on Sunday night so I could organize the room, clean the room (first of course), plan my first week (at least) and mentally decompress from summer (Tahiti).

It’s Pea’s official Kindergarten year. Of course as you know when you homeschool that only means a name because as far as skill is concerned she in the middle of kinder and beginning of first grade.  But I didn’t want her to miss out on the “feeling” of the mark of her first official Kindergarten day. I am a product of the public school system and I have my first day of kindergarten embedded in my brain. New blue and red dress with checkers on the front spelling ABC (cheesy, I know) and a very curled up bob.

My dad held my hand the whole way to the front steps of the classroom which happened to be on the outside of the main school.

I had butterflies in my stomach but my dad’s confidence rubbed off on me. He believed I could do it so I believed I could do it.

When it was time for him to let my hand go, he smiled at me, bent down to hug me, I stared into his eyes for reassurance, I got it, and I swapped him a great big silver-caps grin!

It was a symbolic day for the rest of my life. My dad walking me to and through the biggest parts of my life. And his reassurance  getting me through.

I, also want to give that to her. Except not the school part, the assurance and confidence part. And that, I will give her (and my others) through schooling at home.

She did get to dress up, the official first day fashion staple, plaid and whatta ya know, a bob, just like mommy had, not planned, I promise). I got dressed up and we made a big day of it. We celebrated with pizza and had lunch with grandma and grandpa.

So these are pictures of our first “official” day of Kindergarten (and preschool for Pistol)…

We started all lessons with the Creation story and she is doing her First Day of Creation craft.

Pistol started off with a Phonemic Awareness lesson on the letter B.

Here he is pronouncing B words from a tray.

He’s 3 1/2 so my hopes were that he’d sit still long enought to at least color.

But he actually took to the lesson and did everything I asked of him.

Here, he had to copy a model, a math skill.

He faught about which circle to put down. They were ALL red but for some reason he was being pretty picky about which red circle he should choose.

But he accomplished the mission and no one got hurt.

Yea, it only took about 30 minutes!!

So we stopped after this model;0

It’s good to have my “students” back in class.

For some reason the room seems to be a lot cleaner when we’re doing school!

Any who, welcome back children!

Or as they would say,

“Welcome back, Mrs. Mommy, you were gone a LONG time!”

Tahiti was great, at least the way I envision it! We can dream can’t we;)

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