Home Tour: The Grand Suite

Welcome to our little country suite where the view is enchanting with endless prairies and rollings hills.

Where you will be sure to capture the glance of a doe wondering the parcel.

The room has been furnished and styled to suit it’s most distinguished resident,

the head of the estate.

Please come, have a look around, the master is out.

Designer, Moi, has delectably chosen exquisite fabrics in soft cottons and the richest silks and mixed them for a luxe rustic look.

She, took a console (from Lowe’s for $60) and placed it against the windows.

And bought the chairs on Craigslist for $60.

It’s a cozy fit but somehow it also makes the room a bit larger.

She chose a classic way to warm up the room by  filling a whicker basket with two blankets made from different fabrics, arranging sentimental objects in a way that is purposeful and useful. Here, her favorite method, stacking and layering.

The dictionary acts as the stacking element and the frame as the layering element.

The black and white photo, of the master and his madam, are a classic touch to the look

of refinement and class.

The bed was the first bed they bought right after they bought their first house. It is a sweet memory. They slept on only a mattress the first year of marriage. King size to be exact. But the madam felt too far from her husband so he bought her a queen size instead. As their small family grew, the children kept coming and coming and as the children grow bigger and bigger they realize that mama and papa’s bed is much more comfy than theirs. They sound much like Goldilocks did when complaining about the accommodations of the Bear home.

Now the madam complains she feels too cramped in her little old bed with all the children and the master.

But inside, she is smiling with the biggest of smiles that her family is all gathered together

laughing and giggling,

jumping on their papa early in the morning,

snuggling all 5 heads together.

The room exuberates a sense of rustic, yet refined, a touch of modern like a pinch of salt with an ambience of calm.  Tattered wood and old memories lying around adds to the presence of age as in the old trunk beneath the footboard that can’t been seen too well from here. And the modern from the black leather and square angles in the bed. The contrast of the two is the blending of two worlds together, like the meshing of two lives, very different but some how they become one.

The master is indulged with  a Spa bathroom, the experience of an expensive retreat right at the comfort of his own estate.

A priceless retreat (on a dime I…humm…I mean she might add) and a space that always whispers relax (minus all the toys that had to be moved out of the way for the picture )

Thank you for visiting the Master’s Suite, they will be glad you stopped by.

You must stop by soon, the madam is preparing the children’s room and nursery for show please do come back!