The Ground On Which We Stand

As I mentioned I have a passion for classical books. And when I read The Maryland Toleration Act  April, 1649 I ponder these thoughts:

Within their worn pages I find it so bold of our nation to stand on such footed ground, and within them the fabric of our nation so young.

Yet I also, in the same pages, see the irony of following Jesus.

Under the same spacious skies that set us free so long ago were the same skies that non-believers died under for forsaking His name. Would He have chosen love with an iron-fist, by blows and brusies or by Him winning over our love by the pursuit of His creation.

I can’t help but be proud to prove that our nation indeed was rooted in faith of a Savior so True, of a purpose so bright; eventhough our nation now would have us blind to such savory history; at the same time I can’t help but be shamed that His name was represented so.

Would I have followed out of fear of the sword or because I met Him face to face on a Mount? Would I have stood in rebellion for my right to follow man instead, to follow my own captain?

Perhaps this very intent has Christians dwindling in this land and yet; it may also be this very intent, the heart of our forefathers to forsake all else for Him, that makes this land, considerably at least, a Christan nation.

Read for yourself you may be touched in a different way.

What do you think?