DIY: Floor Pillows

I made these a couple of weeks ago as part of my homeschool planning time.

I wanted floor pillows for our  floor time and story time.  I make the kids sit while we do our memorization in the mornings, calendar, scripture, numbers, continents, ABCs, sight-words, and vocab-words.

I do have to brag about the frugality of this project. I bought the pillow stuffing from a garage sale for $2 dollar a pillow. The pillows came in a set that belonged to couch. I took out the stuffing which game intact (not down or loose stuffing) and measured the fabric according the size of the stuffing. I hope this is making sense.

I wanted something they could sit on while they watch T.V. or read. So I came up with these:

DIY floor pillows

Materials: 2 or 3 styles of fabric (I use canvas material or outdoor fabric for durability), Elmer’s glue, Stencil for letter, Sew-On Velcro

I regret not taking pictures for a step by step illustration but here are the directions laymen style:

1. Sew a seam at the bottom of the pillow (pick the bottom part of the pillow first to determine where the letter and handle will go)

(this is assuming you know how to make a pillow)

There are plenty of videos to learn from if you don’t

2. Trace and cut out your initial or any design with a contrasting fabric

(you can free hand with chalk or a fabric marker or use a stencil, I used a pre-made fabric letter to trace)

3. Iron the letter (important step so that it won’t wrinkle when you sew or glue on)

4. Glue the letter on with Elmer’s glue (yes, glue it!)

*** The glue will hold it in place so there won’t be any wrinkling after washing***

Make sure you mearsure the seams so that the letter is centered

 5. After it dries, sew the edges enough so that when it frays it won’t tear off (about a finger nail length in)

6. Sew the remaining 3 sides (leaving the top of the pillow open)

For the Handle (optional):

If you don’t want the handle sew up the last seam. I double up the fabric at the end when the fabric is outside in (in other  words where the opening is) and sew closed. I like my pillows like this and it’s easier.

1. Pick a contrasting fabric or one that is on one side of the pillow.

2. Iron

3. fold the fabric width wise to make the handle to your liking, sew so that no fraying fabric shows.

4. Double fold the fabric on both sides of the opening (you should see no fraying pieces of fabric)

5. Measure how much velcro from one end of one side of the opening to the other side of the same side of the opening

Pinning the velcro

6. Pin the velcro the fabric

7. Pin the handle under the velcro on the side you want the handle to go

Pin the handle under the velcro

8. Sew 2x (once on the upper part of the velcro and on the lower part of the velcro to secure it)

9. Repeat steps attaching and sewing velcro to the other side

I hope this helps some if you’re doing your own floor pillows.

If not with the directions at least with some inspiration!

Btw, they love them!