While the kids were at camp…

I am in planning mode!!

I love this time of year. I love planning and preparing for school. As a homeschool mom I have the opposite problem that most working moms do or those that have their children in school. I have no idea what to do for summer. I don’t plan for it, I don’t really think about it until it’s here.  I have nothing that forewarns me it’s coming, no letters from teachers reminding me of the mayhem that is about to invade my house and no end-of-the-year tests that foretell…it’s almost here.

There’s an old cliché: prepare for summer before the kids get out of school so the kids don’t wreak havoc all summer. We’ll I am so done with school when summer comes around that the last thing I want to do is plan.

This year I have learned my lesson. I have adopted the idea that my children need to be out of the house as much as possible during the summer. I put them in camp this year and we loved it. Probably more me than them!! I was FREE for 5 HOURS!!! That has never happened. So from now on we’re going to camp, VBS, sleep overs at grandmas, VBS and more VBS. I cracked a joke at a friend for making rounds of VBS at different churches. I asked, Why?? I am not sure she even knew how to answer. Then after being stuck at home (with no agenda) with 2 antsy-pantsy kids and a baby for several weeks I knew exactly why she does that. So no more judgement here, next summer I will have addresses to at least 3 churches and Day Camps around town.

My whole point to all those words is that in those 5 hours I got to plan for our upcoming school year, kid-free!! I also got to go school hunting at my one of newest favorite book stores.

Here’s what I’ve hunted and gathered so far.


Classical Books

I know these books look like they’ve always been here but perhaps it’s because they’ve always belonged here. I bought this beautiful collection of classical books from a non-profit organization in my town that supports our local library, all proceeds go right back into the library system. So all the books they sell are very, VERY inexpensive. The pages of these beautifully bound leather exteriors, hold the words of Plato, Shakespeare, Whitman, Emerson, Poe , Bunyan and the likes and I got all of them for….drumroll please…$1 each. Yes, you read me right!

So intrigued and astonished, because this ol’ girl recognizes the value of these precious classics, I asked with naivety and a low-tone as so no one would discover my great secret, my discovery, I dare ask, “Do you know what you have in there?,” pointing to the other room where the books lie. The owner of the book store doesn’t know what I am talking about. I am still puzzled myself. This is madness. Selling the Gems of literature for $1, absurd!!! Good for me but I better hurry and buy them before the other 2 customers in the 2,000 square foot building discover that just next door are these…these amazing…well I think I’ve driven home my point at how amazing I think the classics are.

So when I tell the owner that I am speaking of the books, she smiles and says, “Well no one reads the classics anymore.” “Sad isn’t,” she said rhetorically.  I agreed. But not for long because I made out with the master pieces. One mans trash is another gal’s treasure!

I also found these…

I plan on reading one of these a day.

Living books, love it!

More novels to add to our library.

I got these American Girl books for a buck too!!

I know what you’re thinking isn’t your eldest 5. Yes you are right but I believe no age is too young for a novel, not one that builds character and value, one that contains artful rhetoric and diction. Books are to be discovered. They hold knowledge and fairytale, wonder and truth, some fantasy while others historical adventures. Expose your child early to good reading and watch their minds expand right in front of you!

Last year this was on our reading list:

Little House in the Big Woods,

Pirates Past Noon, Magic Tree House Series

Charlotte’s Web

Ghost Town (summer read), Magic Tree House Series

Pea still talks about Ma and Pa and baby Carrie. I even took some advice from Ma and came up with my own chore day schedule.

Next on our reading list for Kindergarten is:

1. Farmer Boy (2nd book in Little  House Series)

2.Little Women (by Christmas where the book starts)

3. Mary Poppins

4. Something for my boy!

We read these during tea time.

The classics will be needed down the road in our homeschooling journey.  For now I am enjoying them, when I sit down to read them I feel like an old friend is giving me a great big hug.


Here are some pics of them at Camp during their performance on their last day.

My shy girl made a friend


Pistol walking on stage

He’s the one in green plaid. Wow! hands behind his back even! Wonder where he learned that one?!!


This has got to be the best looking boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks just like his daddy (shh, I can’t believe I am saying that, I still mostly swear he looks like me)


Singing “This little light of mine”

Now that’s the boy I am used to. I think he was the only not singing!

Look at that beautiful gal!

And she’s got rhythm too!



This was not only the first time I spent a day (5 hours is a day to a mom, ok) away from my children (besides when they spend it with grandma) but this is the first time seeing them perform, on stage, with other children. Chuck and I looked at each other in amazement. Our thoughts lined up, ” Those are our children,” in awe we held hands, he squeezed mine, we stared at our children and I thought I was gonna cry.