Homeschoolers just wanna have fun

This is the post where you learn that not always is my homeschool world seemless. This is also to prove that some homeschoolers just wanna have fun.

On days when I really need to just to play with my kids, like on Fun-Day Fridays, some things just don’t get done. Like my utmost pet peeve….the kitchen! Horror!!!

When the kitchen and livingroom are clean-Oh! what a glorious day! When my command stations are clean and spotless, culter-free, toy-free, sock-free and can I dare say it…noise-free, oh! how I can sing from the mountain top, “OH HAPPY DAY…” Can I get an AMEN!! I know many of you feel this way because I’ve heard it over and over and over and over again.

So here’s for all you clean fraaa…eeeks! Leave those dishes alone and go have fun!!! Today is Friday, say yes to all those little terrorists demands like, “Can we play a game,” “Can we get wet” “Can I watch a movie” “Can we build a fort?” “Can I wear you high heels?” Just say YES, Yes you can and yes I will play you.

Leave that laundry alone sister. It beckons, I know, sometimes its bitter voice is sweet and at times like this you wish you could get it done, put it away and oblige its bondage. BUT DON”T, stand your ground! Play with those little rascals!

It’s not like Betty Crocker is coming over.

Walk away…don’t look back!

Stay away from those dishes, the grime, the caked on milk from mornings bounty, LEAVE IT ALONE…RUNNNNN!!

Utter silliness awaits you,
fun children want to sweep you off your feet and waltz with you,
play with you.
Open up that board game and have some fun!
So, I did leave the dishes and Pistol got to choose the first game and he chose Cat in the Hat. We love this game and he is getting so coordinated to play it now. If you don’t have this game and you have toddlers you need to get it. It is fun and keeps them active.
Pea is upset because she said I wasn’t following the rules. As much as I explained to her that I was she was adamant that I wasn’t. So she refused to play. Wow, is she her mother’s child or what. Well, since you’re just sitting there can you go wash dishes:)
Ahh some day!
We made a city. Pea’s idea. I made the train track go over the blocks. Cool huh!
Pea made a zoo for our city. Pistol made a repair shop for the train.
Everyone got in on the action and we had a great time.
How blessed I am that I get to watch this everyday. What a reminder that I need to do this more often.
I only wish someone was taking a picture of me playing right beside them.