My Home: My Style

I love the smell of earth mixed with sweet vanilla, the feel of soft linens and the fading luster of silver, the look of wicker and canvas together.

The stacking of old against new, rustic and worn with bright colors and yet warm hues.

I can sum up my favorite look by flipping to a page in last year’s catalog of Pottery Barn. Even when their interiors change my love for natural elements still remain. My favorite colors right now: greens, browns, yellows, the pop comes from my pillows with a small hint of pink and red.

I want my home to be a gathering place for family and friends, a place where strangers feel safe and wanted. I want them to linger in the rooms and read the walls, study the books on the shelves and discover something new. I want the walls to fade and all the rooms to become one. As if we are all together in the same place even when we’re not.

I like stacking books and placing items on top of them that go with the theme, feel, of the house. I like books with impact. Books that say something about me and my family. I have a huge mantel and had no clue what to do with it at first so to filled the space by stacking and layering.  This style gives it a more cozy appeal.

Book: Garden, on my mantel beneath a bird cage

This is such a fitting place for this book and ornaments, it sits on my mantel, the same place where birds sing,up on top of the chimney. They can be heard throughout the house. They gather, a choir of them, on the chimney outside, up on the roof and the echo runs down the chimney and throughout the house. It is the most loveliest of noises. This is also another reason this room is wonderful for quiet time with the Lord; when I can think of nothing else to speak to the Lord about the birds remind me to give thanks for the songs of heaven that are being sung for me.

Books that denote the love of travel

denotes the love of my Savior

denotes the love of learning scripture

Every Christian’s hope!

O Messiah!

My children are the work of a great Artist

Coffee table reads: The Gospel according to Moses: What my Jewish friends taught me about Jesus

I also love words! They are the fragrant aroma of life. We use them to uplift, to dialogue to love and to learn. So I scatter them around my home where they make the most sense.

In the kitchen above the cabinets

DIY burlap pillow: SIT

We do this a lot here

Frame made into a chalk board to put special messages: scripture, menu, quotes

I also love old things. Books, tables, baskets, games.

Old crochet set found at a flea market for $2 each

Also in the barrel is an old racquet set found at a garage sale for $1.

During the rest of my home tour I will focus in on the smaller details that make my house a home.

Hope you enjoyed stopping by, please check back soon for the rest of my 5 cent tour!