Home Tour: Welcome

C’mon In!

Be my guest. I wish we could get to know each other over tea or coffee (my preferred) but  this will have to do. Welcome to my home, come in and look around.


Pottery Barn inspired, found at flea market for $150

As you walk in from the front door you walk into my foyer. This is the what won my heart over when we bought the house. This is what did it for me! It’s like, really…like I am just going to sit here all day and enjoy the view..from my foyer?!!. Really?!! Although I do still love my foyer I don’t spend much time here. Who does? Don’t let the foyer be the reason you buy your house. You can do so many lovely things with a small or plain entry way.

Here’s where my inspiration came from,

Entry Way inspiration from Potterybarn.com

Painting is the next step.

Dining Room

My apologies for the dark pictures. But isn’t the view beautiful!

If you stand in the foyer and look to your right you’ll walk right into my dining room. This is where we have Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, entertain special occasions, and where my kids and I have tea during story time.

Living Room

Standing in foyer looking into livingroom.

I love this color, Chuck hates it. Says it reminds him of his Army days. I say that’s fair, so we’re going to change it. We already have the new paint for it. Chuck is super excited, as am I!

I’ll surprise you later.

Living room

This is my living room. My favorite room for quiet time (when my children don’t sneak out of their rooms).

When we moved in those niches were empty. Did not make sense AT ALL!! I envisioned book shelves immediately. So I saved and saved before I quit my job to stay home with my the kiddos and hired a guy who owns his own shutter business. I challenged him with this project (because I couldn’t afford California Closets or any other commercial shelving company). So, he said his brother did something similar. Showed me a picture. I got to customize and this is what I got, totally awesome shelves! Great job Habib!

See the shutters at the bottom!

I would have preferred white canvas sofas but we have 2 toddlers with mostly sticky, dirty, and rough hands so I “settled”

for brown microfiber and I am super happy I did!

I’ll show you the rest soon. You can check out my school room during my big reveal in about week.

Thanks for coming, I’ll see you soon!