Homeschool Shopping Day


Here’s what I bought so far for our upcoming school adventure.

Mardels was having a sale and I some awesome resources for our little school.

Moses Puzzle

I am using this in our math center.

Ancient Egypt Visual Aid

You can’t start a classical curriculum without ancient Egypt!

Can’t wait to show you all what fun activities we’ll come up with during this lesson.

Explode the code: A

For my boy!

This will be his official preschool year. Exciting!!!

Name strips

The  package says Name Strips but I say vocabulary word strips and at 50% off, SCORE!!!

Mini globes and wooden beads

Hold on to your seat!!! This is the ultimate TREASURE.  I am so excited!

2 mini globes from Michael’s $ bins. I will be using them in my Geography center (I’ll show you my centers when my room is ready).

The beads, also from Michael’s, the Clearance section. $3.79! Oh the wonderful things we can do with these! I don’t know what, yet but I’ll figure it out and share with you when I do. Patterns, sorting, beading. Oh there’s gotta be more!

Got any ideas? Please share.