Fun-day Fridays

Here at our school we believe in fun-day Fridays. I hope I don’t mess up my kids too much by playing on Friday. But I am sure they’ll have plenty of time to learn that Fridays are for work too; for now because they are only 5 and 31/2 we play on Fridays.

We do a variety of things like, playdates with our good friends, museum days, garage sales (ok, that one’s for me) and go to places we haven’t been. And last Friday we got to spend the day with our usual Fun-Day Friday friends.

Here’s what we did. We don’t usually have an agenda but Sunnye and I were on a mission to find the right the curriculum for the upcoming school year.

It started out with lots of research,

Hi Ms. Sunnye!

and lots of coffee!

The kids played,

and played,

and played,

and then rested.

Sunnye and I talked about everything homeschool, she showed me her wonderful new ideas for her centers, which I will post in my Centers tab and 2 minutes into rapping things up and saying our goodbyes we walked out to this…

Our once neatly dressed children were playing in dirty pool water. Pea asked me as she was sliding down the slide if she could get wet, [yes] this was after we had said our goodbyes. Granted, we did linger to chat about something else…but it was quick [I promise]. Before I could blink, she was in. Ughhh, don’t you hate when this happens you tell the kids 5 more minutes and then it turns in to 30 minutes. How does this happen??? I know, I know…we talk too much. I know, this is why I got a blog.

So I did what any mother would have done, at a quarter to 2 (NAP TIME), got the dirty, wet kids in the van and high tailed home to make it home on time to get some zzzz’s in. It was a fun day!!!