Words that pay: what’s in your wallet?

I decided that just correcting my kids every time there was a heart issue wasn’t solving any issues.  I can’t get to their heart just my mere talking. Although reminding them of God’s word is very important in these early years, it can get overwhelming and frustrating especially when I find myself in the flesh and not in the spirit; as I should live always.

So to aid me in this effort, shepherding their hearts, I came up with wallets for them. It actually kills two birds with one stone. It teaches them stewardship and reaping and sowing.

So here is my super dooper big idea…

The wallets are left in a visible place every day.  It is theirs to take care of or destroy as they wish. Their incentive to take care of and leave them in the same place everyday is so that I can put rewards in them as I see fit. If the wallet is not there one day they can’t receive any rewards.

The 1st purpose for their wallets is for the awards that are given out throughout the week for marvelous works that they do. Such as reading, cleaning their rooms without me telling them, being like the Good Samaritan, pooping in the potty etc. And if I forget that they’ve done something on our award list they are sure to remind me.

They redeem them on Fridays for rewards such as ice cream night, breakfast night, movie night, date night with one parent, something fun that they don’t always get to do.

The 2nd purpose is to put character attributes found in the Bible, such as: Righteous, Loved, Patient, Kind, Chosen, Holy, Forgiven etc.

They wear them around their neck so they can remember how God sees them. I always start the day telling each child that they are____ in Christ. Pea is wearing Pure so I’d say, Pea you are Pure in Christ. And if she gets off track all I have to say is, “Are you acting “pure” right now, please don’t forget your word.” This has been a great practice for us too because when my first-born is too hard on herself for anything less than perfection I remind her how Christ sees her and her spirit is immediately lifted.

They can’t wait to see which word mommy put in their wallets!

So far this has touched their hearts the most!

I used library card sleeves as their wallets,

sentence strip paper for their words

and business cards from Microsoft Office as awards.