Summer School

The summer is long and too hot to go outside so we do school, sporadically. And here is what we did the other day.

Practice our rhyming. Rhyming is a building block for reading.

Every time we hear a rhyme we clap at each word and say loudly, “They Rhyme”


mom: “Mr. Brown can moo, how about you?”

kids: clap “moo and you” “THEY RHYME”

So as our days go on they are use to this game and they practice their rhyming skills in the car, at the grocery store, at church etc.

Soon they will get it and will be making up non-sense rhyming words. This is how you know they’ve gotten it. It can get embarassing when they start rhyming with the ‘f’ word, you know rhymes with muck and tuck and of course you know it’s coming… (they do it out of sheer innocence, they have no idea what they’re saying but the lady in line next to you might give you a nasty stare down), of course you don’t want to make a big deal out of fear they’ll now know it’s a bad word and want to say it even more. You can only be proud that they’re getting it. Sometimes school is better kept at home;0

Got this at Ross for $5

We used this rhyming puzzle game to enforce our new skill.

Pistol works alone practicing fine motor skills and concept

Princess Pea builds up her confidence as this is something she mastered 2 years ago.

Brother and sister work together.

I love this picture! This is why I love pictures because they can be deceptive when you need them to.

Pistol looks very busy at work, like he likes what he is doing, like he is getting it. I have bragging rights at first glance of this photo without knowing, I am doing a great job with my brilliant ideas of games that teach…what you don’t know is that I forced him to continue this game, he wanted to quit after putting the first puzzle together. He couldn’t put the 2nd set together so he gave up, threw himselft on the couch, got distracted and starting flinging puzzle pieces around the room, pretending they were bullets from his gun. So underneath that head of black hair is an angry little face;( We are learning that when we start something we don’t give up and when we don’t “get” something we don’t give up, we practice, practice, practice!

He got over it, I assure you. He finished the game and I didn’t torture him again for a while.

Mean while…

M&M does tummy time:

Tummy Time

I set up the room with 4 varied montessori-type of activities. I don’t always do this but today I did.

Adding tray in math center

PP had to roll the dice and then set them on the tray like so. She had to make a numerical expression out loud: “3 plus 5 equals and finds the number.

She did great. Mastered it. We’ve worked on addition during the year here and there and she really understands it so I think we’ll move on to subtraction amongst other things this year. After several equations she moves on…

Silly Sentences

I set this up on a tray in the reading/literacy center:

This was a little challenging. Love it! So we’ll keep using it for the rest of the year until it is mastered and then move on to more difficult sentence building.

Mean while…

Pistol works on another montessori inspired activity:

Transferring and pouring.

Rice in a jar container has to be transferred into 2 baby bottles, to be filled to 6 oz. in one and 2 oz. in another. The bottles are marked with dry erase marker.

Let’s see how he does…

Good Job!

Do you notice anything different in this picture??

I realized he needed a funnel and pulling the spoon out of the glass container was a little difficult for my strong armed and uncoordinated boy so I threw him a bone and let him transfer from a bigger plastic bowl. It proved less fustrating. He accomplised the mission after about 5 tries. He made a mess and I think he had a good time. Bless his little heart after all the hard work I didn’t want to have to break his spirit by telling him “uh oh we forgot to clean up’ so I built him up with praise. We’ll work on cleaning our work next time!

Swing time for M&M

I had PP cut out pictures from magazines that had the vowel u in them. It’s part of CVC work. The challenge is hearing the vowel sound in the middle of a word.

Here’s she’s hunting for pictures…

Literacy Activity

She finds a butterfly and a mug.

Lastly I had them go on a scavenger hunt for words that begin with u or had u in the middle.

Pea is sad, she only found underware

So I helped my discouraged little learners…

Now we’re in business

Underware, cUp, BUck (from Ice Age), Umbrella, bUmbo

Great Job!

Break time…

M&M in chillin center

Pistol shows M&M how to use teether


This is what I love about homeschool! My kids get to be each other’s best friends. I love that I get to see them grow up together. I get to watch every milestone, every funny moment and be part of the tough times as well as the good times.