A year of vacations: part 2

This year we went to visit family for Christmas, kinda. Chuck had some work thing in town and we decided to stay with my sweet in-laws. I also love going back “home” sometimes because C and I can reminance on our young romance.  We met our first semester of college and have been together ever since. Here are  our  kids at our college campus, where we met.

In front of library

On campus with grandma

It was great fun because the kids got to spend time grandma L. I got to run around town and catch up with ‘ol friends.

Sister’s house

This is a bad picture but it’s one of the few with my sister and I together. She’s the one on the far right with her hubby, my niece is in the middle. Funny huh, she’s only 4 years younger than me but when she was younger that seemed like 10. What’s even more wierd is that her son is my son’s age!!! What in the world!!! The next voyage was to San Antone! The city is pretty significant to our relationship it is where C and I reunited. You’ll get that story later. I’ll put it on a different page titled: Testimony. We found Jesus here, as they say. I truly did. I love San Antonio! Unfortunately I have no pictures of that trip, I don’t why. Maybe it was because it was our first family vacation with all 3!! I think we must’ve forgotten the camera. So after that it was off to DC 2 weeks later. C and I got to go alone, my mom watched the kids. It was great. We had a blast and wanted to stay longer. Wasn’t like Hawaii where I wanted to come in a hurry (I know weird, but I was pregnant and lottery vacation remember not sure when I was coming home…). This time we went to see my sister n law graduate from law school. LAW SCHOOL! What’s even more strange than my niece and I having children that are the same age is that I met my sis n law when she was in middle school, I saw her grow up, I saw her go into high school, graduate high school, graduate college and now graduate again. WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! I still feel 19 but all these young ins are making me feel really old. Needless to say we are super proud of her.

She’s the first one (on the right) that is looking at the camera
the very very happy one…kidding the one who is not smiling!

The one not looking at the camera, the one looking at…who knows what but it wasn’t us. The girl next to her is looking at us, maybe she felt sorry for us that E wasn’t listening to us call out to her. Maybe E was embarrassed of us.

House President Lincoln died in

Across the street was the theatre he was shot in. This trip was very fascinating for me. Maybe not as scenic as others but very historic.  I definitely want to do some Social Studies with kids here. I think we can spend entire 2 weeks here and not have done it ALL. This was my favorite part of our trip; visiting this building gave me chills. I guess it was knowing that this is where our (American) history began. When you read the walls of this building and examine the artifacts behind their glass cases, it doesn’t take long to see that God indeed was a major part of our country’s fabric. Biblical influence and the love of scripture is what inspired our forefathers to found their new country on truth. I love law. I love knowing about it. I don’t think it is always fair, probably most of the time it is not. It can be contradictory, bias, unfair, untruthful, and unjust but knowing it is what sets you free. And in this building one can still fight for that freedom. One can declare his opinions and passions for a thing, his right to say yea or nea. If ever we feel as a people that we are no longer heard, that our voice does not count; we need just travel a ways to our nation’s capital, and let our voice be heard. And if we ever feel this uneasy feeling that maybe our voice has been taken away than maybe it’s because we haven’t exercised our right to use it. Love the details. The architects of the days! What details, those are called Corinthian columns. Young America still drawing from its European background. Breathtaking details on top.

One of the smallest of the federal buildings,
The White House

I was surprised to discover how small, in appearance, this building really is. I guess, after all, it is only a really big house!

Protestors camp out across the street of White House.
This lady has been here since 1980. 31 years!!!

At least that is what her sign read! She is protesting that the toxic chemicals from the atomic bomb caused and is still causing birth defects as she claims she is a victim. I was encouraged again seeing this young woman camped out across the street from the White House and standing for what she believes in. I am sure she has been seen many presidents.

Chinese protesters. Standing for the brutal deaths of many Chinese citizens for practicing spiritual beliefs in meditation.

Love the inscription on this statue

The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future!

There is a woman holding her infant in one hand, I wish M&M was awake, I would’ve held her up in my arms.

To learn more click on the link below.


Oldest house in George Town

I want to live here!  I am sure that the first family that lived here homeschooled too. What heritage huh! If the mother of that home only knew that the seed she would spread all along this country would some day sprout into many daughters of the same harvest I am sure she would be well content with the fruit of her labor.

Come in, let’s have tea, all my children are napping and the older ones are still busy doing school

How tall do you think the original owners of this Old Stone House were?
Hopefully not as tall as my sis n law

I think George Town and Alexandria were my favorite little towns.  Helen was our tour guide for the day. We ate at a really cute restaurant, brother and sister got to catch up and we had a wonderful time.  This trip was great. We learned a lot and got to see family which is always nice. I can’t post all our pictures but I did post the ones that sum up our wonderful time.

Equal Rights for All!

We’ll definitely be back with the kids!