My 5 Star Family

I am reading Five-Star Families, by Carol Kuykendall during quiet time. She encourages moms to come up with a list of dreams and goals they have for their family to move it from good to great, as her subtitle reads on her book.

So, I prayed and ask the Lord where His heart was for our family. What areas do we need to practice more in our life and what does He want our family to look like.

I hate doing things on my own strength, I love knowing His plan because when I do things on my own I always mess them up.

So these are my 5 goals for my family, for us to be:

1. Holy: In Leviticus 11:44 God calls us to be Holy because HE is Holy. I pray that our family pursues holiness above all else, that we seek first the kingdom of God (Matt.6:33). I want our family to be in step with the Lord everyday so that our decisions and hearts reflect His.

2. United: 1 Cor. 1:10 calls us to agree with one another so that there would be no divisions amongst us. I pray that our family would agree on big issues in life, on salvation, on Jesus, on the cross, on biblical principles and major life decisions. I want to instill this in my children so that as they grow they will stand firm in their faith. I am also encouraged by this verse because it is a calling to be one. I want one day for my grown children, my spouse and I to gather together for family events and chat about the wonderful things God is doing in their lives. For the spirit of unity to be with us even as they grow older.

3. Patient: James 1:19 says we are to “be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,:” In these hectic years of raising infants into toddlers into young children, from schedules, to child training to lack of sleep anger can easily creep in, seep and then bubble and then explode out of impatience. Impatience seems to be the root of anger.  I want my children to the heart of their mother as kind and patient so that they too will be inspired to be kind and patient.

4. Generous: God has blessed my husband and I to overflowing. He has provided for us in tremendous ways since we were broke college kids. I pray our family gives the way He has given to us and continues to give to us.  He gives even though we don’t deserve it, need it or ask for it (and sometime even when we do), I want us to give with our money, our time, our things and of ourselves.

5. Fun: I can be a stickler about things. OCD if you will, self diagnosed. My husband, ex-military, enough said. So we are a potential double whammy of all sorts of exasperating rules and regulations for our children. So Chuck and I made a goal to be more fun. Say yes more, take them out more, break some of our own rules (within limits of course, like breakfast nights or eating ice-cream instead of dinner, every blue moon of course, staying up late etc.). I want my children to have wonderful childhood memories and remember me more laid back than up-tight.

What does your 5 star family look like?