A year of vacations: part 1

I love summer.  The word denotes: travel.  Although we don’t always take leave and go somewhere it’s fabulous when we do. I love to travel. I love getting to see God’s glory in his creation, whether it be a new mountain range I’ve never seen, a roaring ocean or the same moon on the opposite side of the world, I get to see God’s creativity and within the vastness and yet smallness of this amaznig green earth bits and pieces of God’s majesty shine bright.  Whoever says that God is not an artist or doesn’t care about fine details to him I say, “Look around.”

And that, I do.

 So here are the pictures for a year of traveling. It started out with Hawaii last year around this tme.

Chuck surprised me with a “military hop” to Hawaii (don’t think I would do that again, the military hop, not fun, if you’re in the military you know why. If you’re not it’s like being on call for a vacation lottery you’re not sure if you’re really going to get to go and if you do you’re not sure if or when you’ll get to come home.)

 Many friends were not sympathetic when I told them, I was…we…were stranded in Hawaii.  I understand why but see if you had a traveling mate like mi querido Chuck you’d understand. I am a relaxation-vacation kinda girl, one-day-at-a-time, plan when we get there if something interesting pops up well do it but rest is (was) my priority. Not that I don’t love to sight see (as I mentioned above, I do have a passion for it) but I do like to be ON vacation.

Plus, I had just found out I was pregnant (I was like 2 months in), 1st trimester, nasuea kicked in pretty hard, I just wanted to sleep. I would fall asleep in the car and wanted to stay there all day. Didn’t want to be touched ( much to Chuck’s dismay), wanted to eat ALL THE TIME. Him: no, he wanted to go…go..GO. I wanted to nap, he wanted to leave me there so he could go to the Pearl Harbor Memorial….I couldn’t miss that!!! So a nap in the car it was. And so our story goes, I wanted to relax at the beach, he wanted to surf. We surfed. You get the point.

To Hawaii…been up since 4am

Pearl Harbor Memorial

Sailors who died on or were apart of USS Arizona that fateful day in December

When you’re on the ship (the memorial) you can see and smell the oil

Mountain range taken from iphone while driving

Traditional luau

Roasting pig during luau at Polynesian Cultural Center

I dont’ eat pig but everyone at our table said it was great,I’ll just take their word!

Look at him! It’s been 13 years and he still carries around that ugly green Army Man Bag

Finally, sitting and eating!

Me walking towards the beach, towards rest, towards a nap or food or both.

Hawaii was beautiful, I am not sure if I would go back to Waikiki.  It was very touristy. I know that sounds pretentious but remember I like relaxing. If you’re looing for a great time around people, shopping, nightlife etc. this is the place to be; if you’re pregnant and want to get away from it all don’t come here!