Project Nursery: In Progress

The arrival of my sweet #3…ahh…what a sweet thing…a whirlwind, really…but sweet!

Nurseries are my thing. I love decorating them, being in them, cleaning them, smelling them, everything but sleeping in them…well I haven’t tried that yet. My first born got her’s planned out before she was even in my womb. I had one for a girl but not a boy and thank God, He gave me a girl! My son, however got his decorated after he was born. So when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd we debated whether or not to keep the office and simply put a pack-and-play in there or turn it into a nursery. My hubby of course opted for the keeping of the office, I did too, at first: less work, less money, less hassle…but then the tears…oh the emotions of not being able to decorate a nursery again. This time in purple!

So we did it. Much to my husbands sighs, ¬†rolling of the eyes, shrugging of the shoulders, head shaking in the right-left direction, and procrastination (hoping I would change my mind), my dad, mom and I finally got it painted. My husband’s credit: he moved all the old furniture out, desk, bed, etc. and made me a little office. Thanks babe!

So here’s the nursery now, In Progress…

As you walk in

I am thinking French flea market. I’ve never even been to France but I have images in my head anyway:)

Toy box bench under window

My help (aka, my mother) forgot to finish this. It’s suppose to be distressed not unfinished. I guess you get what you pay for. LOL…kidding mom!

Antiquey dresser

I bought this at an antique mall but what I’ve learned is that something is not antique unless it’s 100 years old, otherwise it’s considered vintage and not all vintage and antique furniture is worth as much money as the word is;) I will paint it white and distress.

My mom is very sad that I will do this but I reassured her that this dresser is probably only worth what I paid for it: $160. Only because there are no markings on it or craftsman’s name.

I need to put her newborn picture in the bottom frame, sand and paint changing table. I am thinking I will add some character and add some detail.

The obvious: we need panels. I have them I just need to sew them together. They are beautiful. My help gave them to me. I guess she is a keeper huh;)

I will probably add some cute french sign that reads: flea market under the art work that’s there now. Of course the baby is not for sale! But if she was she’d be at a VERY VERY expensive baby boutique but no one in this world would be able to buy her. Only me of course!

So, my goal before summer is over is to finish this purple flea market before all the shoppers come by. My most expensive item is already on display.

Actually she’s priceless!