Welcome to my blog, my life, my little world

Welcome to my blog. I am glad you stopped by. This blog is mostly about our homeschool happenings, our day to day learning and life as we live it. I also have other topics as well, like devotionals, and homemaking projects. I also have a catergory for my homeschool association, Paideia. It is a Christian homeschool support group in the DFW area. You will find our field trips, co-op classes and photos here. If you are in the DFW (closer to the FW area contact me if you are interested in joining).

Here’s a little bit about me…us.

We are a family of 5. We are a homeschooling family who live and breathe the word of God. For we can not live on bread alone, we’ve tried and it didn’t go so well so now we live a life following after God and at times He follows after us guiding us back into the fold.

We weren’t always the homeschooling type but as God often does: he puts a hint of love for something and he waters and waters it and BOOM you got a full grown little classroom in  our living room.  It went from a potentional man cave to yellow walls, a word wall, a red table for learning and tons of kid stuff and my husband loves it!

Man Cave turned school room

I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. My goal was to become an Expat (expatriate: as in a corporate employee not exile;) with a major corporation, live in an exotic country, climb the corporate ladder, make lots of money,  blah blah blah…until of course my husband made known his plans.  They  had nothing to do with leaving this country.  Hummm…dilema….so I did what any wife wouldn’ve done, followed him to The-Middle-Of-No-Where,OK where his job took us, of course. He did promise I would find a corporate job there. A bit naive,  I said ok.  So I dressed in my best tailored suit, pencil skirt, pinstripe jacket, kitten toe pumps, and a brief case thinga-ma-jig to boot. Afterall I could just happen to stumble upon an Exec at any given time on MY HUSBAND’S INTERVIEW!

Upon arrival into this small country town (of only 4,000 people…is that even possible? Yes it is, I lived it! Chuck and I made it’s census climb to 4,002 that year) I realized then that my chances of meeting a corporate exec was slim to none.  After hours of driving I realized I hadn’t seen a freeway. We were driving on nothing but a 2-lane highway, I kept hoping that this highway would soon end up being a big mess of a traffic pile-up with horn honking, skyscrapers above, the smell of pollution…life…civilization…anything?

As the drive continued and we were entering MNW,OK I saw no signs of life, no skyscrapers, no traffic madness, not even POLLUTION!  How would my lungs respond? Its like making a nicotine addict quit cold turkey, was this safe, would I have withdrawals? Would my body go into complete shock?

I eventally adapted, thank goodness although I am not sure the locals would call it quite that. But as it turns out God had a tremendous plan for my life…our lives. I was hired to be the town’s middle school’s Spanish teacher. My first thought: ‘ TEACHER’ and the pay is…? What do they do again?’  Spanish? I don’t even speak Spanish?’ Kidding but really a teacher? So, I hardly had any other gigs lined up so I agreed. I was cornered, What else could I do? Stay home and eat bon-bons all day while my hubby slaved away? Never.

So as the story ends, this city girl feel in love with the Oklahoma natives and of course the smell of cow manure and open spaces.  Thus also began my love of education. And later the education of my very own little people.