Quiet Time

Everyday I try to have some quiet time with God. It sometimes happens in the morning before school starts, when the kids are napping or in the evening when they’ve gone to bed. I am noctornal so this time usually works best. But I also like having my cup of coffee right next to me as I study the Word. Something about coffee and scripture, they’re like peanut butter and jelly.

I also have a “system” of stuyding the Word. I had a long season of blahness with studying and reading. I was merely reading with no knowledge retention or understanding. So I came up with this process on studying the word expository style.

If you decide to use it one day let me know if helped you.

The acroynm is BOQ-MVP

B: Background: to include author, historical period, location, customs of the time in relation to a specific group or culture addressed (usually written down in only the first chapter unless there is a shift in topic, audience, historial background, authorship, date, and context)

O: Observations or Truths revealed in scripture. A question to ask while jotting these down is what is God saying to me and what is He revealing about himself. Even if it is obvious write them down because everything has a purpose in God’s word.  This is the place where application should be considered. How is the Lord asking me to apply this to my life. You can write out I statments: ex. I shall love my neighbor, my friends…etc.

Q: Question(s): Write down anything that was unclear to you during your studying time; the date, the location, author, word origin and meaning, grammatical implications, context etc. and research for you answer. (I’ll give me you my VERY basic study tools)

MV: Memory Verse, every chapter has one even if it isn’t one you’ve heard before. This is a verse you should reflect on during the week. Ask the Lord to hide in your heart.

P: Prayer